A dog doesn’t need two of those! No matter how cute they are!

This cute, caramel-colored little chap is called Pom Pom Purin.

Part of Sanrio’s collection of cute characters, Purin shares his name and color palette with purin, a delicious crème caramel pudding dessert. While he’s nowhere near as popular as his company’s flagship mascot, Hello Kitty, he has a legion of dedicated fans and frequently collaborates with franchises like McDonalds.

What makes Pom Pom Purin so cute that companies are desperate to have him cameo? Well, there’s his jaunty brown beret that resembles dark caramel topping… His tiny, cute face… His vintage, understated color palette…

And then there’s his biggest charm point: his highly visible brown butt hole.

▼ It’s very hard to miss and is shaped like an asterisk.

McDonald’s has teamed up with our pudding pup pal once more, and currently offers plastic Pom Pom Purin toys as part of their Happy Meal sets. One surprised customer, though, up-and-coming voice actress Kana Nanaumi, couldn’t help but notice that they’d included two charm points in her toy for the price of one.

“This is a joke, right? Tell me this is a joke…”

Ordinarily Pom Pom Purin has just one ridiculously prudent asterisk nestled between his butt cheeks, but it seems someone at the factory ended up giving Purin a double-dose of them. Not that anyone is complaining, though. because as soon as @nanaumi_kana’s tweet went viral commenters were eager to add even more butt holes to Pom Pom Purin’s plastic posterior.

Prepare yourself for this next one, because it’s pretty much nothing but(t) holes.

▼ “They’re spreading.”

What’s worse, too many butt holes or too few? Another commenter provided a somber counterpoint.

“Mine was the exact opposite. Mine came completely blank all over…”

Listen, we understand that there’s an ineffable cuteness to animal butts. We even understand that Japan has a particularly deep passion for adorable rear ends. We can even understand the deep, primal urge to turn a cute Disney butt into a delicious tart so you can swallow it whole (okay, that last one is a bit of an exaggeration).

But can we strike a deal, toymakers of Japan? One butt hole per product from now on. No matter how cute it is. Please?

Source, featured image: Twitter/@nanaumi_kana
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