Japanese people love their cup noodles, there’s now doubt about it. You can see endless varieties on sale at the conbini or supermarket, from the ordinary to the weird and wonderful. Recently Nissin Foods has released two limited edition cup noodle flavours to be sold at AEON which are definitely at the weirder end of the scale: Cheeseburger Noodles and Hot Dog Noodles.

Cup noodles are like a Japanese version of fast food, so of course the next stage would be to try and combine them with American fast food! But how do the Cheeseburger Noodles and Hot Dog Noodles taste?! The label uses the Stars and Stripes and proclaims that these are ‘American noodle’, so we got a real live American to try it out. Ike is a true born and bred junk food loving American from the land of the free, and the hamburger. We asked for his verdict on each flavour.


Hot Dog Noodles

First we started him off with the hot dog flavour noodles. Add the water, let it stand for three minutes, then it’s taste test time. Things were off to a good start with Ike commenting that ‘it smells spicy’ and ‘doesn’t look bad’. Apparently the taste of tomato and chili spreads through the mouth, similar to chili-tomato flavour, but with a special accent that makes it exceptionally tasty. With a look of surprise, Ike approves it. Japanese and Americans alike should love it!


Cheeseburger Noodles

Next up was the cheeseburger flavour noodles. It actually smelled just like a McDonald’s cheeseburger, although whether or not this is a good thing is open for debate. Personally I’d rather not have my room smell like a fast food joint, as it always leads to a sense of shame the next morning. Ike wasn’t impressed with the little bits of ‘burger’ and cheese floating in it, and his conclusion on the matter was an eloquent ‘I dunno’. Our Japanese writer commented that for Japanese people this is just like a regular cup noodle, with a bit of extra cheese, and asserts that no matter Ike’s opinion, Japanese folks will love it.

▼ Check out the video for all of Ike’s reactions, and a look at the ‘cooked’ noodles.

Head on down to Aeon if you want to try these ‘delicious’ fast food flavour noodles for yourself. But don’t get too hooked on them, because they’re only on sale for a limited time!

Images/Video: RocketNews24
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