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Last month a set of futons for smartphones caught our eyes. Considering all the handy gadgets do for us, we agreed it’s only fair we help them get the rest they need. After all, don’t you enjoy a good’s night sleep at the end of a busy day?

Still, you don’t want your smartphone loafing about all day. Sooner or later it’s got to get up and get to work, just like you. Of course, unless you’re a work-from-home nude model, you can’t be running around without any clothes on. Once again, it’s only fair that you apply the same standards and extend the same consideration to your phone by giving it a proper set of clothes, like this school uniform from the hit anime Love Live.

Every year Japan sees the debut of multiple anime that primarily exist to show cute girls doing cut things. Many of these are forgotten as soon as the next TV season brings in a crop of replacements, idol singer story Love Live seems to have legs. 18 of them in fact, as wrestlers, sports car drivers, pizza lovers, and tattoo enthusiasts alike are finding themselves smitten by its core cast of nine smiling songstresses.

Now, the Love Live girls have a little something for technology fans, with this smartphone case from manufacturer Groove Garage.

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The felt case is based on the uniform of Otonokizaka Academy, the school attended by the Love Live cast. High school in Japan lasts for three years, and many uniforms have subtle accents to differentiate first, second, and third year students. This presents a bit of a problem, though.

The enthusiastic Love Live fanbase’s loyalty is split among the series’ nine primary characters, who are themselves spread across the three years of Otonokizaka. Therefore, the only thing for Groove Garage to do is include a set of all three removable ribbons to designate the different classes.

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The 2,800-yen (US$27.70) case also comes with a heart-shaped clip which snaps onto a loop on the back of the uniform.

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Groove Garage recommends using this to attach the case to the exterior of your bag. Thankfully, the inside of the case is padded to help prevent scratches, though we’re not sure how well it’d hold up being pressed against by the mass of human bodies on a rush-hour commuter train in Tokyo.

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Preorders can be made through Amazon Japan here, and the cases are scheduled to ship in late August.

Sources: Hachima Kiko, Groove Garage
Images: Groove Garage