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Every gamer knows that good video game music can make or break a game. This is especially the case in RPGs where players spend a lot of time walking across the world; those light-hearted melodies accompany you as you perform the often tedious task of moving from town to town. Background music is also immensely important to platformers like Super Mario and Sonic. That music better be catchy because you are going to be hearing it again and again when you keep missing that third jump off the floating platform!

RocketNews24 has brought you the video game a-cappella styles of Smooth McGroove before. Well it’s been almost a year since then, what has he and his super chill cat been up to?! Among other things, turns out he’s been traveling through Kanto and the world of Pokémon!

One of Smooth McGroove‘s most recent videos is a trip down memory lane for Pokémon fans. We are talking first generation Pokémon here, red/blue/yellow folks! When you listen to this video, you’ll surely be taken back to your original adventures with your special starter Pokémon: Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander. This music will take you back to the important back and forth of which amazing Pokémon to choose.

Continuing our stroll through the original Gameboy Color game, we have Smooth McGroove’s rendition of the Lavender Town theme. For those that can’t remember, that was the weird ghost town where our hero meets the scary, or cool, ghost Pokémon.

Rounding out our tour of first generation Pokémon games is the Team Rocket Hideout music. This theme perfectly encapsulates the franticness that is the crazy arrow room! We definitely remember hearing this theme a lot as one wrong step sent you twirling back to the beginning of the maze.

Anyone who has watched any of these videos knows that Smooth McGroove also has a flair for comedy. A perfect example of this is his black cat making numerous appearances. So it’s no surprise that he also has a rendition of a parody of the Pokémon theme song from just over a year ago.

Smooth McGroove’s work hasn’t been all Pokémon recently; he’s had a bunch of fantastic arrangements of other classic themes from Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy and Zelda.

If you’d like to continue to see Smooth McGroove produce more a-cappella magic, you can support him in many ways. You can become his patron on, you can buy his albums on and iTunes. You can check out his Facebook page and as always, you can watch his videos on YouTube!

Gotta listen to ‘em all!

Source: YouTube via Kotaku Japan
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