A mouthwatering mix.

Three juggernauts of Japanese pop music over the past few years have undoubtedly been Ado, Asmi, and the alarm of the deep-fryer at McDonald’s. All three of these artists have an uncanny ability to elicit emotions such as rage, happiness, and hunger.

Although differing somewhat in their styles and general outlook on the world, McDonald’s decided to bring these three divas together and mash them up like a golden hash brown. So, without further ado, here is “TeeloRemix.”

The individual components of this song should all sound familiar. First, we have lines from Ado’s 2021 hit “Odo” switching on and off with parts of Asmi’s “Paku” track from 2022. And all throughout we can hear the eternal chiming of the McDonald’s deep fryer, rendered in Japanese onomatopoeia by McDonald’s as “teeloree.”

“teeloree teeloree teeloree”

The characters of Odo-chan and Paku-chan who appear in the original videos for each song have been rendered in 3D animation in “TeeloRemix” along with the first appearance of the elusive Potato 3 Brothers who aren’t actual brothers but junior high classmates who, according to McDonald’s, “love music and dancing and seem to have a lot of fun every day.”

▼ We reached out to the Potato 3 Brothers to confirm this, but they were too busy having a lot of fun

The concept for the video is the futuristic Dai-8989 Neo City where Paku-chan hangs out in the floating neon McDonald’s next door to Odo-chan’s floating house, both waiting to be assigned jobs by the Potato 3 Brothers.

In addition to the song, which was released on 13 January, McDonald’s released the raw sound of its deep fryer in high quality for anyone to use, either as an alarm, background music, or for your own remixing.

Also, on 30 January a rhythm game using “TeeloRemix” will come out on TikTok. The game will only be available for a limited time and requires players to control the characters in time with the music.

Image: McDonald’s

There’s certainly a lot of french-fried fun in the works, and for anyone learning a musical instrument who would like to use “TeeloRemix” as practice, we already found the musical score and created a guitar tab for the deep fryer alarm. The rest of the song should be pretty easy to pick up by ear.

Source: McDonald’s via Netlab
Images: YouTube/マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s) (Unless otherwise noted)
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