From spinning tops to gadgets that fire out discs, we can’t get enough of these limited-edition items.

Happy Meals are arguably one of the best things about McDonald’s, and whether they come with Super Mario toys or Doraemon collectibles, these rare and limited goodies never fail to make us smile.

Things are about to heat up though, as McDonald’s Japan is now serving limited-edition Pokémon-themed toys along with Happy Meals, featuring everyone’s favorite chubby Pikachu.

▼ Hone your precision and balance with the Pikachu Double Spinner

▼ …or challenge yourself with the Pikachu Kendama.
Loop the ring around his tail for extra points!

▼ See how many consecutive catches you can pull off with the Catch and Count Poké Ball.

▼ The Pikachu Attack Roller looks the most exciting,
letting you fire a spinning wheel at targets.

▼ Liven up a party with the Poké Ball Disc Shooter.

▼ Breathe life into the Mewtwo Air Spinner and see how long it can stay up.

▼ Customers are treated to a snazzy Happy Meal box upgrade,
which also comes with a little Pikachu flag to attach to straws.

All six toys are already available at most McDonald’s stores throughout Japan until the end of July. It is worth keeping note, however, that shops located in Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Oita, Kumamoto, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, and Yamaguchi prefectures follow a separate scheduled release as shown below.

▼ Only two toys per week until the fourth, where all six will become available.

Pokémon fans owe it to themselves to check out some of these fun gadgets, and since these very limited goodies are only available until the end of July, now’s the perfect time to grab a Mewtwo Air Spinner or Poké Ball Disc Shooter to expand that Pokémon Happy Meal toy collection.

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Dengeki, Entabe
Top image: YouTube/McDonald’s Japan
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan

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