149 tracks from the games, including background music and sound effects, can now become the epic background playlist for your daily life.

There’s nothing quite like video game music to evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia–especially when it’s from a long-running franchise that has undergone just about every musical evolution there is over the past 25 years.

It’s hard for longtime Pokéfans to believe, but Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the fourth generation of main RPG Pokémon games, were released in Japan in 2006 as the first in the series designed for the Nintendo DS. Updated remakes titled Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were released last month as part of the eighth generation of main games for the Nintendo Switch, and in celebration of the remakes, the Pokémon Company has released a special Pokémon DP Sound Library to enjoy for free.

As of December 24, the sound collection is available for a limited time on YouTube for anyone in the world to access. The 149 total tracks consist of background music and sound effects used in the games. They’re sure to transport those who played the original games back to their younger selves 15 years ago, while younger players will recognize the themes from the newly arranged music in the remakes.

▼ The Pokémon Company’s Pokémon DP Sound Library on YouTube, clocking in at approximately 2.5 hours

There’s also a dedicated, Japan-region website which offers a few special features. For example, listeners can select their six favorite tracks to create their very own special playlist, or jam to other officially prepared playlists as well.

▼ The main Music Box page

▼ Playlists galore!

As long as you agree to abide by the terms of use, you can even download the sound data and some sheet music for use in non-commercial purposes from the site. Example allowable uses include sampling the tracks in your own music, playing them as background music at school and other community events, dance performances, competitions, recitals, and even using them as a teaching tool in music education classes. Tracks being utilized in these manners can largely be shared over social media or on personal websites, with exceptions applying to the non-commercial use rule in these cases.

Whether you play gym battle music while prepping for an important work meeting or the bicycle theme while actually cycling around town, these tracks will lend a sense of epic adventure to your daily life so that you can continue to be the very best like no one ever was. While you’re riding your musical high, you might as well learn how to sing a festive holiday song in Japanese courtesy of these Santa Pikachu as well.

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