Previously focused on boob-based fantasies, the Delusion Mapping design team can now provide you with an imaginary feline buddy.

Our Japanese-language reporter Anji has a bit of a problem. See, she loves cats, but her apartment has a strict no-pets clause in the rental agreement. But Anji’s spirits are up these days, as she tells us she’s planning to get a cat soon, even though she has no plans to move to a new place.

She’s even been showing us pictures of the kitty she wants to welcome into her home. “Isn’t he adorable?” she squeals with delight several times a day as she looks at the snapshots.

And yeah, he does look pretty cute, gazing down from the vantage point inside his little nook high up on the wall. Still, we’re a little worried about Anji getting kicked out of her apartment by sneaking in a pet, since while some cats have amazing camouflage capabilities, it’s only a matter of time before someone hears its meowing and she gets caught, right?

Except it turns out that’s not a problem either, since this cat is completely silent, not because it’s shy or unfriendly, but because it’s actually an amazingly convincing wall sticker.

Some of you may remember Japanese novelty retailer Village Vanguard’s Delusion Mapping merchandise line, which it claims is a visual manifestation of the fantasies that run around in our heads. Previously, we’ve seen that concept applied to breasts with the boob-enhancing optical illusion T-shirt and simulated front-zipper top, but just like some people want to look at busty chests, others want to look at friendly kitties, and so the company developed the Cat from the Wall Delusion Mapping Sticker.

The sticker attaches with a soft but secure adhesive, meaning you won’t have to put holes in the wall and damage your apartment, or spoil the illusion of a flush cat alcove. It’s also designed to peel off without leaving a residue, since if you’re in an apartment or office that doesn’t allow pets, they probably also want you to keep the walls clean.

The Cat from the Wall sticker measures 18 centimeters (7.1 inches) square and is priced at 1,296 yen (US$11.70). Orders can be placed here through the Village Vanguard online store, assuming Anji hasn’t bought out the entire stock already.

Sources: PR Times, Village Vanguard
Images: PR Times
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