There’s nothing cuter than cute animal goods, is there? Whether it’s hamster cheek coin purses or panda earmuffs, we just can’t resist wasting our hard-earned cash on adorable things to make us feel all fuzzy inside. Especially if they’re a little unusual or quirky in ways that make us feel like we’ve got something really original on our hands.

Take, for example, these new three-dimensional animal head cushions by Hot Seal JP. The full range features Akita ken, husky, poodle, pug and boxer breed dogs, as well as a variety of cutesome kitties, all with massive bulging eyes and protruding snouts that somehow manage to be creepy and cute at the same time!

If you’re looking for an awesome conversation piece for your new bachelor or lady pad, or even if you just want a sweet squishy face to hold in your arms, we reckon these cushions have got you covered!

▼ The Akita-ken cushion, which reminds us quite a bit of a beady-eyed Shiba Inu, is certainly a cute addition to any room, but why stop there?

▼ Surely your Akita buddy would be lonely without the companionship of  a fellow doge, uh, we mean dog, like this blue-eyed husky fellow?

▼ Or if you have a different favourite breed, why not browse the entire collection? Naturally, cat-lovers are also catered to, with four different pussy cat heads to choose from!

▼ Once your giant head has arrived, there’s plenty of ways to play with it besides just squeezing it. Here’s a whole gallery of examples!

▼ Yep, the fun doge stop with these awesome head cushions! Even real dogs love ’em!

Each pet head pillow measures around 40 x 48 cm and retails for 2,380 yen (US$19.80). However, the cushions seem a bit hard to find at the moment, except on Amazon Japan, where the prices seem to vary. No doubt these cushions, which are technically daki-makura rather than sitting cushions, will turn out to be the kind of kitsch quirky product that comes along once in a lifetime to punish those who are a little too slow on the draw when it comes to cracking open their wallets. Personally, we just can’t resist those big, needy eyes and realistic muzzles!

Source: Livedoor – Karapaia
Images: via Livedoor – Karapaia