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When it comes to hobby devotion, no one seems to take it to the limit more often than the Japanese. RocketNews24 has brought you stories about super-fans decorating their cars, vans and bikes in honor of their favorite characters and animation series. A company is now making it easier to take that devotion into your apartment, and especially into your bedroom! Buckle up folks, the following images are as disturbing as you are imagining!

Welcome to the world of Itabeya (痛部屋)! Similar to itasha, these are rooms that are too painful to look at because they are absolutely covered, from floor to ceiling, wall to wall in anime goods.

▼Tasteful boob covering rectangles weren’t added by RocketNews24

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SO-ZO is the company bringing all the otaku a new way to bring their fantasies to life, and it couldn’t be easier. Their new online service, unsurprisingly called “Itabeya”, turns your normal boring room into a holy shrine devoted to your anime deity! And it’s all done with the click of a few buttons! Anything can be made from pillows and bed sheets, to curtains and wallpaper. The site can even be used to decorate a restaurant, karaoke center or hotel! There’s no worries about copyright infringement!

▼This one seems so tame in comparison

itabeya 10

This magical site will be officially opened on July 22, so start planning your ultimate itabeya otaku living quarters now! We will inspire your imaginations with these photos below!

▼This is a bed

itabeya 8

▼Thankfully, or unthankfully, those white squares don’t exist in real life

itabeya 7

▼How are you supposed to get any work done here!?!

itabeya 5

▼So many eyes…looking at you…

itabeya 4

▼There seems to be a lot of open/dead space here, this person needs to up their ita-game!

itabeya 3

▼Just because it’s on a white background, doesn’t make it any less “painful”. See below

itabeya 2

▼The “painful” pinnacle

itabeya 1

Source: Itabeya via Net Lab
Images: Itabeya Blog, Itabeya, Serene Wing BlogYouTube