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LadyBeard is certainly making a name for himself in Japan. RocketNews24 has covered some of his antics before, here and here. His popularity in Japan continues to grow and grow as evidenced by his Twitter account which has almost 45,000 followers! One of his latest tweets has been shared across the twitterverse over 1,000 times! What in the world could this be about? The answers and more, so much more, after the break!

LadyBeard, for those that don’t remember, bills himself as a multi-talented entertainer. He’s a “pro-wrestler, heavy metal vocalist, party rocker and 24 hour photo opportunity”. That’s a pretty impressive resume, and we haven’t even mentioned the fact that he can speak Japanese! He interacts with his Japanese fans in their native language, and his tweet from a few days ago is creating quite a reaction from the netizens here. Careful, cute/disturbing picture ahead!

His tweet reads: Dangerous country Japan!

We aren’t quite sure what his actual meaning is. Does he mean that Japan is such a dangerous country that people park their bazookas to the left??? It’s clear that not everyone understands his exact meaning either as the comments section continues to be active.

“You are the dangerous one.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I will punish you in the name of the moon.”

“That is an unfortunate cosplay…”

“Lady Beard-chan…cute!”

“Were there bazookas?”

“Your shape is more dangerous.”

“It’s ok because I will protect you!”

There are many “dangerous” aspects to the picture, and it is certainly dangerous how stellar LadyBeard looks in the Sailor Moon outfit. Take it away, LadyBeard!

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According to his tweets, LadyBeard is currently taking in Kagawa Prefecture at the moment. Hopefully he will stay safe and not be blown away by the incoming “dangerous” typhoon! But from what we can tell, he certainly can take care of himself.

Keep on tweeting LadyBeard!

Source: Hamsoku
Images: Twitter