Still not getting into the swing of things this Monday? What better way to start your Monday than with another adorable video, this time featuring Maru being…well, Maru!

Probably Japan’s most famous cat, Maru has been bringing smiles to the Internet for the last six years with his bizarre and adorable antics, which his owner regularly uploads to YouTube. He never fails to amaze with his surprising dexterity and intelligence, while also seeming to be in a constant daze.

This morning we have ‘Window Shade and Maru’, in which the chubby kitty suddenly decides it’s a great idea to force his way through the window blinds while pal Hana looks on. It’s classic Maru, finding a way into or through something that most cats wouldn’t even look twice at. Check out the video and pics below.

▼ For some reason known only to him, Maru wants to get behind the blinds.


▼ You know you could just go around the side, Maru.


▼ But of course that wouldn’t be half as fun, would it?


▼Ninja Maru is now hidden.


▼ But he’s soon bored of the other side, and decides to poke his head back through.


▼ As usual, Hana doesn’t really seem to know what Maru’s doing.


▼ Successful exit! Just look at that cute little face.


We hope Maru has put a smile on your face, and you’re now ready to face the week ahead!

Source: Kotaro269
Video: YouTube