Many Asian women believe that having double eyelids is a sign of beauty and many who possess single-eyelids are forever in a quest to achieve a crease above their peepers. In fact, double-eyelid surgery is the most common cosmetic enhancement in South Korea and Taiwan, and is very popular throughout Asia. For those who are hesitant to go under the knife in the name of beauty, there are plenty of non-surgical options to create the illusion of a double-eyelid such as special glues, tapes, and plastic devices.

The newest product to hit the double-eyelid market has been flying off the shelves with a reported 7,000 units sold in the first month of sales. Called “Eyelid Trainer”, this special device is worn just like a pair of glasses and claims to “create a double-eyelid with daily use.” It also makes you look ridiculous.

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(Originally published on March 28, 2013)

The “Eyelid Trainer” was released on Jan 25 by Techno Trade at a price of 1,575 yen (US $16.61). At first, the item was only sold at 10 stores, but expanded to over 200 stores within a month. Techo Trade representative Ikuo Otani had this to say about the Eyelid Trainer: “There are many products that create a double-eyelid, but there are also many people who have a hard time using glues and tapes to create the look. We created this product with those people in mind, allowing anyone to easily train their eyelids to become creased in just a few minutes a day.”

Using the eyelid trainer is easy; just wear the device as you would a pair of glasses and place the arched nylon wire to the desired height on your eyelids. The eyelid trainer can be worn for as little as five minutes. While wearing the device, the arch portion of the nylon wire has some resistance when the wearer blinks, making it an effective training tool. It also comes with a long and short set of nylon wires to fit any eyelids.

Our very own RocketNews24 team got their hands on a pair of these eyelid training glasses to see what all the fuss was about.











▼ It’s also a great way to keep your eyes open when you’re tired.DSCN1836


▼ You can use the eyelid trainer anywhere…and we mean anywhere.DSCN1839



We’re not sure if our writers will become more beautiful or even get a double-eyelid by wearing the eyelid trainer, but for now, they just look ridiculous.

Source: Nikkei Trendy