This guy has taken cat-napping to the next level.

Adulting is hard. It seems we spend our entire childhoods wanting to grow up, but then we’re adults before we know it, longing for the good old days when our biggest responsibility was just making sure we got our homework done.

Now it’s work work work, day in and day out, to ensure we get that paycheck to keep a roof over our head and food in our fridge. By the time the weekend hits, we’re exhausted, and one Twitter kitty named Meguro perfectly encapsulates that end-of-the-week look of exhaustion in this recent photo posted by his human.

“I couldn’t help but laugh at this,
the absolute worst sleeping face in history.”

Meguro’s sleeping face – with his jaw slack, mouth agape, showing his tiny front teeth, and both of his eyelids halfway open in his deep slumber – has tickled many Twitter users since it was posted on April 11.

“This is… lolol! He’s like an old man passed out sleeping and grinding his teeth.”
“What a face!”
“I laughed so hard my sides hurt!” 
“That sleeping face… XD Is he worn out from playing?”

Like the last commentor, we are also curious as to what wore out little Meguro to that point. Probably not a tough week at work, but who’s to say? Maybe it was his owner’s soothing voice, that one other cat simply cannot sleep without.

Hopefully his little face has brought a smile to yours at the end of this long week, before you go pass out in a similar fashion.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@megmogane