This Pokémon wants to lend you a hand when you’re sleepy by lending you its backside.

No matter how enthusiastic and active a person you may be, all of us have days where we find ourselves running low on energy. It starts with a yawn in the middle of the day, followed by the sensation of your eyelids growing heavier and heavier, and before you know it, the all-consuming thought running through your head becomes “Man, I really wish I could just bury my face in a Pokémon’s butt and take a nap.”

At least, that’s what the designers of the latest item offered by the Pokémon Center Online are hoping.

Character merchandise for anime and video game characters usually at least shows the character’s face. In this case, though, you can’t blame the designers for going with the posterior perspective, since Electric-type Yamper’s backside really is its best side. Yamper is clearly inspired by the real-world Corgi, a breed of dog that Japan thinks has an especially cute behind.

The Pokémon Center Online is completely upfront about the specific muse (and use) for the cushion, as it’s officially called the Otsukare-sama Everybody Nap Time Cushion-Yamper’s Butt. “Soft and supportive with a texture like a chewy marshmallow, this is an enchanting cushion you’ll want to bury your face in” boasts the product description.

The unorthodox anatomical orientation can make the cushion look sort of surreal when not in use, but that’s easily solved by placing it so it looks like Yamper is burying into the ground, or, ideally, by simply extending your nap so that you’re using it all the time.

If this looks exactly like how you’d like to spend your afternoon, the Yamper butt nap cushion can be ordered online here, priced at 3,850 yen (US$37).

Source: Pokémon Center Online via Livedoor News/Inside Games
Images: Pokémon Center Online
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