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Last week, we took a look at a deeply moving diaper commercial, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the RocketNews24 office (with the exception of Mr. Sato, whose tear ducts are still clogged with cheese). Today, we’re taking a look at a different video about fluids being expelled from the body.

Wow, that sounds digesting and vague, doesn’t it? Well, to be specific, it’s a video about vomiting.

Hmm…still pretty abstract and nasty, huh? OK, one more try: It’s a video about whether or not eating a banana and then drinking Sprite will make you puke (SPARKLE!).

Yeah, there’s really no way to talk about this that isn’t gross. Hope none of you’re eating right now! If so, maybe you’d prefer to look at a pack of adorable Pikachus, none of whom are emptying their digestive tracts.

Still here? I have to say, I’m impressed by both your intestinal fortitude, and your interest in videos dealing with gastric instability.

Fizzy soft drinks aren’t nearly as popular in Japan as they are in the U.S., but that doesn’t mean no one drinks them here. Walk into any Japanese convenience store and you’ll find it well stocked with Coca-Cola, and recently there’s been a pretty big advertising campaign for lemon-lime soda Sprite. Centered around its Sprite Splash Cart commercial series, the ads seek to create a playful, exciting image for the beverage.

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At the same time, though, rumors began spreading online in Japan of Sprite’s sinister hidden dark side.

“Seriously? If you eat a banana and drink Sprite, you’ll throw up?”
“I heard if you eat bananas with Sprite, you can’t stop puking.”
“No way! I totally think my stomach could handle it.”
“Somebody try this (not gonna be me)!”

So who was it going to be? Brazilian Internet comedy group La Fenix, who’d already stepped up by performing the experiment and filming it.

▼ Our hosts/guinea pigs Minimim and Rogeri-O

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The two set out to eat two bananas and drink two liters of Sprite each, all without vomiting. And don’t worry, the intrepid and thorough entertainers remember to crack both dick and dildo jokes in the process.

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Less than 30 seconds after taking a swig, they start to feel the effects.

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Minimim thinks it might be all in their heads, though. Is it? The exciting conclusion is below!

Of course, you may have already been able to guess things would turn out that way if you’ve seen some of Le Fenix’s other videos, in which they do things like blow up a watermelon and straight up set a dude on fire.

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Thanks Le Fenix, for taking one for the team and satisfying our morbid curiosity.

▼ Although now they’ve got me regretting going to Costco yesterday and buying all these bananas.

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