That’s right, mutant parrot-banana hybrids! But before you freak out and start boarding up your windows (or perhaps grabbing a napkin and a large net), we should be clear that we are talking about gachapon, the little toys sold in plastic bubbles out of vending machines.

While these fruit and fauna combo toys are hardly the weirdest or even the most nonsensical toy to hit the gachapon scene, they seem to be selling well, with collectors posting pictures on social media of the cute critters interacting with a variety of action figures and other tiny toys.

The parrot-banana series actually includes a number of birds from the parrot family from little cockatoos to the splashy Macau.


Notice one of them is actually a chocolate-covered banana, so there’s a little variety on that side too.

 ▼The family that flocks together, uh… rocks together?


 ▼ Apparently, they are partial to dango rice cakes.


 ▼If you are going to get some of these banana-birds, you may need to invest in a pen.


▼ Or you could save yourself the hassle and just eat them. They don’t seem to mind.


According to a representative of the manufacturer, they have tentative plans for a whole series of parrot-foodstuff mash-ups. In fact, they’ve just released the next generation, parrot-mushroom hybrids.


Not quite as charming, in my opinion, but then I’ve never considered fungus to be that adorable.

Source: Netorabo
Images: @mel__t, Netorabo, @suicarin, @yasuu22, @akky_1981, @nyairu1