In Japan, a hunched back is called neko-ze, which literally means cat’s back. These days, one of the most common places to see neko-ze is not actually in the feline world but in the office, where workers hunch over computers, inadvertently ruining their backs and causing all sorts of problems in the process.

In an attempt to remind workers not to slouch, Japanese toymaker Bandai is releasing a series of hunchbacked cats designed to sit next to your computer. One look at these during the workday and you’ll stop the office neko-ze.

Heightening the anticipation for the series is the promise of four secret cats in the collection. Showing only their silhouettes, sitting with perfect posture and straight backs, we’re curious to find out what these reformed cats look like!


Due for release on 24 June, the cats with bad posture will be available for 200 yen each (US$1.95) from toy capsule machines. Just cute enough for us to like them and just disturbing enough to make us sit up and notice, these cats might actually do the trick and straighten backs around the workplace!

Images: Gashapon World
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