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As mentioned at the end of last week’s Pic of the Week, we’ve decided to open the contest up and make it as fair as possible by asking you, the good-looking, intelligent, art-appreciating people that you are, to decide this week’s overall winner.

So join us after the jump to see this week’s photos and vote on which you think deserves to win the right to be called Pic of the Week.

We received dozens of superb entries this week, and once again the quality of your photos was absolutely first class. Sadly, we can’t post every single photo we received, but after much debate we decided on 10 that really spoke to us and we felt deserved a shot at the top. Now it’s down to you, dear reader, to tell us which of the following photos you think is the best!

To vote for your favourite photo, simply select the corresponding photo number/photographer’s name on the poll at the foot of this page. One vote per visitor, sorry!

▼ 1. Ilham Rio Baramika – “On Duty” ▼ 

Ilham Rio Baramika - On Duty

2. Kathryn Snow – Untitled ▼ 


▼ 3. Weizhong Deng – “Scale” ▼ 

Weizhong Deng - Scale

▼ 4. Guy Keating – Untitled ▼ 

Guy Keating - Untitled

▼ 5. Kateri Tennberg – “Fushimi Inari-Taisha Torii” ▼  

Kateri Tennberg Fushimi Inari-Taisha Torii

▼6. Aaron Nathanson – “Shirakawago” ▼


▼7. Michael Taing – “Beautiful Bum House in Tokyo”▼

Michael Taing - Beautiful Bum House in Tokyo

▼ 8. Paweł Lorek – Untitled ▼

Paweł Lorek - Untitled

▼ 9. Mohamad Niznar – “Oshino Hakai & Fujisan” ▼

Mohamad Niznar - Oshino Hakai & Fujisan

▼ 10. Jeff Roberts – “Hashioki” ▼


We’ll be closing the poll at midday on Wednesday, JST, so don’t take too long deciding on which of these fantastic photos deserves to be crowned this week’s winner!