Heads up, photo fans! It’s time to announce the winner of our weekly photo contest.

The number of professional-quality photos we received this week was nothing short of staggering, and it took a long, long time for us to decide on one overall winner (and of course three very honourable mentions!), but here we go…

Back when we were kids and our teachers would say things like “it was really hard to choose a winner,” we always thought it was BS to make the rest of us feel better, but now we’re the ones choosing, it’s suddenly not so easy.

After a lot of deliberation, however, we’re happy to announce that the winner of this week’s Pic of the Week is Logan Hussey with this perfectly timed photo taken in Kyoto’s Gion District. Congrats, Logan!

A moment in Gion

Logan HusseyLogan Hussey

Honorable mentions

But of course, there were many more photos that left us smiling or feeling all warm and tingly. Once again a big thank-you to everyone who entered this week; you guys really aren’t making this easy for us, but for that we’re incredibly happy. As ever, please don’t be disheartened if your photo didn’t make it onto our site today–you never know, it could be here next week!

Keep the great photos coming in, guys and girls!

Colourful Jizo at Zōjō-ji, Tokyo

PotW - Warren BatesWarren Bates

The Hikawa Maru

Diego MejiaDiego Mejia

The Sky People

Kelly KuniakeKelly Kunikane

Think you could do better? Have a pic that would blow all other entries out of the water? Let’s see it! Go here to read the rules and find out how to enterOh, and just so you know, as of next week we’ll be mixing things up a little by letting you, our dear readers, choose the winning photo, so check back from next Monday and vote, vote, vote!

Until the next time!