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As we saw last week, Japan has some marvellously eccentric ads. But sometimes it’s best not to mess with an old tried-and-tested formula. So while lingerie company Triumph International does its bit for the “WTF Japan” cause by occasionally launching concept bras with solar panels and detachable chopsticks, they also pride themselves on making (regular, non-weird) gorgeous lingerie! Hurrah!

And with this ad for the ‘Tenshi no bra’, a 50th anniversary design from Triumph, they haven’t gone far off the underwear commercial beaten track. That’s right, reader: it’s a beautiful woman in her underwear.

▼ This is 41-year-old singer and actress Ryoko Shinohara. According to Triumph, the Tenshi no bra (angels’ bra) saw a 200% boost in sales when Shinohara featured in a previous ad.


The ad opens with Shinohara grabbing a party invite and checking her watch. Clearly, she’s got somewhere to be! She goes to the mirror, admires her underwear for a while, and heads for the door.

▼ Just one more look before I leave.

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“Oh”, she says…

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“Yappari, chigau”, she murmurs, which translates as “this is different”, “woah, I see!”, or “WOW this bra is really something”, depending on how literal you’re feeling.

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▼ We’re not sure what kind of parties Triumph is trying to tell us their models go to… maybe really cool parties where everyone keeps talking about underwear.

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▼ Note to self: Fasten shirt before leaving apartment.

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You can watch the (15 second!) ad below, which is followed by a message from Shinohara about how elegant, comfortable and generally frickin’ brilliant the Tenshi no bra is.

Source: livedoor, YouTube
Images: YouTube, Triumph International