University staff member caught printing out large letter-sized porn collection on office computer

Who needs the cloud when you’ve got an envelope under your desk?

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Can you solve the mystery of the phantom printer in Japan?【Video】

The printer is working, no one else is in the room, but the print-out is nowhere to be found

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We tried the awesome battery-free, instant photo printer for smartphones and came away impressed

Harken back to the days of instant photography with this nifty gadget.

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Japan-made printer briefly impresses the Internet by catching its own paper

Working hard every day in offices all over the world, the humble printer rarely gets its due. While the flashier (and sometimes more scandalous) 3-D printers tend to capture most of the attention, everyday office printers continue their humdrum existence just under the radar of most of the world.

But that all changed the other week when the Internet caught a glimpse of a printer seemingly catching its own paper as the sheets were about to fall to the ground. The printer, made by the Japanese company Kyocera, awed netizens worldwide and made them wonder if the Kyoto-based electronics manufacturer had other secret printer features.

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Feel like being creative with your food? The Direct Food Printer may be the gadget for you!

Okay, so you may have grown up being told not to play with your food. But now, there’s a gadget that takes the concept of being creative with your food to a whole new level, making it in fact quite irresistible even if you’re not as artistically inclined as food artist Tisha Cherry. It’s the TP-101E Direct Food Printer sold by ink and printing material maker Creative, and … you guessed it, it prints letters and pictures directly onto food! Now who wouldn’t want to play with a machine like that?

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