Butter is clearly an artistic medium that had yet to be milked to its full potential.

When Mister Donut revealed their “ugly” Pikachu donuts last year, we thought that was the most horrifying food-representation of the electric-mouse Pokémon that we’d ever see.

We were wrong.

Twitter user Jared Holt recently posted this photo online, and now that entire Internet can’t unsee it along with him.

▼ The eyes… the eyes….


I honestly don’t know what if the most terrifying/amazing part of this Pikachu. The fact that his body is just one giant wad of butter, his limbs that are all sticks of butter shoved in there, the mystery of what his black ear-tips and red cheeks are made of, or the eyes.

▼ A different angle posted by another person.
Really don’t like how this one seems to be staring right at me.

Apparently this kind of butter-scultpure is a fairly common thing. A photo of the same shop in Istanbul with a different butter-sculpture was posted by a different person:

▼ The yellow doesn’t quite fit the Smurf as well as Pikachu,
but the craftsmanship is a bit smoother on this one.

▼ Jared also let everyone know where he found the sculpture, presumably
so we can all start making out own plans to catch our own butter Pokémon.


Despite the reality-questioning nature of the photo, responses online to the butter Pikachu were mostly warm, melty, and delicious:

▼ Oh god. Seeing the textures up close makes it even worse…
I’m gonna Poké-hurl.

▼ Well at least that solves the mystery of the eyes!
…still doesn’t make it any less terrifying, though.

▼ ^;o;^


Japanese netizens had some thoughts f their own on the masterpiece:

“The shadow on his head makes it look like he has a widow’s peak.”
“Nintendo is spreading smiles around the world.”
“If they just did something about… those eyes… it wouldn’t be too bad.”
“Still not as horrifying as the Jigglypuff GameCube controller.”

▼ Well, they’re definitely right about that.

And if you’re in the mood to see even more terrifying Pikachus made of food then check out the deformed Pikachu pancakes and uncanny valley Pikachu burgers that we made. If only we’d known what demons we’d summon before we’d started….

Source: Twitter/@jaredholt via My Game News Flash
Featured image: Twitter/@jaredholt