It’s like a soft, silky dance club.

Having never met Japanese Twitter user @Ryo_Hatchet, I can’t say for sure how intelligent he is. He’s recently been accepted to graduate school, though, which is something that being a dullard usually precludes one from doing, so I’d guess he’s probably pretty smart.

There’s one other thing that suggests @Ryo_Hatchet might be a pretty sharp-minded guy. Numerous deep thinkers and/or crazy people have long asserted that there’s an intrinsic connection between genius and madness, and it looks like he’s got an ample amount of the later, since he’s invented a bra that lights up like a dance club and adds amped-up fills to the music when you squeeze it.

In the demonstration video of the working model, the inventor shows off the multi-colored strobe lights that he added to a TuTuanna D-cup bra. Synched up to his sound system, the lights flash in time to the beat, and squeezing the left cup sounds an air horn-like sample. “I made [this] for the party people all over the world,” he proudly announced when sharing the video, with his enthusiasm so great that he couldn’t reign himself in before adding, “I’ll share the technology for it, so please let me rub your chest” (which is an especially odd request when it seems like plenty of men, and not only women, will be reading his tweet).

Now, before you start asking what school in Japan has a graduate department of brassierial studies, it should be pointed out that it’s not clear if the interactive light-up bra is part of @Ryo_Hatchet’s formal educational research or simply a side project he’s pursuing in his spare time. Either way, he’s already looking to improve upon the prototype, with his next goal being to make it wireless (as in he wants to eliminate the wires connecting the bra to the sound system, not the garment’s underwire), at which point he can probably expect a call from lingerie maker Triumph.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Ryo_Hatchet