Before you ignore the future consequence, take a moment to remember something important from the past.

Video gaming obviously changes as technology advances, and you don’t have to look farther than controllers for a clear example. Once gimmicky, finicky features, analog inputs and wireless use are now the industry standards, allowing for precise gameplay from the comfort of the coziest seat in the room, regardless of how far it may be from the console.

But there are two drawbacks to modern controllers. First, being wireless means the only limit to how far you can fling them is the extent of your just-got-headshot-by-that-cheap-IKillzSora_05-for-the-hundredth-time rage. Second, all those fancy analog thumb sticks and triggers means that controllers are much more expensive than they used to be (even adjusted for inflation), often costing more than a game themselves.

In other words, modern controllers are easy to throw and pricey to replace, which is a very risky combination. That’s why Japanese Twitter user @finaltakenoko has come up with a clever failsafe to keep himself from doing something he’ll regret, and not by relying on any “Games are supposed to be fun” or “E-sportsmanship is the most important thing” mantra. Instead…

he’s taped a memo to his Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with the price he paid for it, 6,980 yen (US$66), in hopes that seeing the price tag for just one brief moment of controller-smashing frustration will make him think twice about what he’s about to do.

Several other Twitter users nodded their heads in agreement with his wisdom, with reactions including:

“You’re a genius. I just wish you’d told me about this before I smashed up mine.”
“’Ah man that’s bullsh-…no, calm down. 6,980 yen.’”
“If you have to throw your controller, make sure you throw it onto your soft mattress.”
“I recommend attaching a wrist strap, like the one the Wii controller had.”
“But what if you got a great deal on your controller, and you think ‘Hey, it’s pretty cheap!’ and the note is what convinces you to chuck it?”

Regarding that last point, some commenters pointed out that @finaltakenoko could have maximized the sticker shock by listing the after-tax price of 7,678 yen, not the pre-tax price like he did. Still, the unshattered state of his controller is proof that his method is effective, and as long as he’s also following the other piece of advice Nintendo recently put out regarding the Switch, his hardware should be happy.

Source: Twitter/@finaltakenoko via Jin
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Insert images: Twitter/@finaltakenoko
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