You don’t have to break the bank to make bank anymore.

Whether you’re starting a new job in Japan or need some formalwear for an event, the price of a fitted suit can add up quickly. To alleviate the burden on your bank account, Uniqlo Japan is offering suit setups with fitting services, with some suit jacket and pants combos costing as little as 11,000 yen (US$80.60).

▼ The men’s lineup includes shirts, jackets, and pants.

▼ The women’s lineup contains the same style of items but with the addition of skirts.

The process for getting a Uniqlo custom-fit suit only requires three steps. First, go to a Uniqlo store that offers sample suit pieces. While you’re there, a staff member will take your measurements to customize the hem, sleeves, and waistline of your pieces. Finally, you place your order via the Uniqlo app.

▼ You’ll ace the looks department of any job interview with these bad boys.

Your fitted items will arrive at your doorstep anywhere from one to ten days after your fitting. Some pieces in the collection are great for hot and humid weather, made from quick-drying, anti-wrinkle, UV-cut materials.

▼ No more sweaty pits to dampen your vibe.

One of the best things about these Uniqlo suits is that all pieces can be washed and dried at home! You don’t need to add a dry cleaning bill to your suit expenses unless you want to.

▼ Why does he look so good? Because he’s saving money.

So if you’re in doubt of where to go to get a suit for your new gig, keep Uniqlo Japan in mind. And remember, even if you’re asked some inappropriate questions at a Japanese job interview, you’ll always look calm and collected in your fitted duds.

Sources and images: Press release, Uniqlo Japan
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