We recently looked at the physical and psychological benefits of sleeping with hug pillows, or dakimakura as they’re known in Japan. But while that discussion was limited to plain, undecorated dakimakura, it’s no secret that a large number of jumbo-size pillows in Japan are adorned with drawings or photos of the owner’s anime or celebrity crush.

Sometimes these dakimakura end up being used for relatively chaste purposes, like a romantic train ride. We don’t think it’s going too far, though, to speculate they’re also put to more lascivious means as stand-ins for obsessive fans’ lust towards their unattainable objects of desire. As a result, one new dakimakura allows you to tear the clothes off a rock star.

Recording artist Gackt knows the value of image. With his roots in Japan’s flamboyant visual kei rock scene, the 41-year-old vocalist is rarely seen with a single hair, or article of clothing in his multi-layered outfits, out of place.

As such, he owes as much of his popularity to his appearance and sense of style as he does his musical talents. As a matter of fact, for some hardcore Gackt fangirls, looking at their idol is as good as listening to him, which explains why the Premium Edition of his newest single, “Akatsukitzukuyo (Day Breakers),” includes an officially licensed life-size dakimakura.


The extra was enough to convince Twitter user Vamparkt to splurge on the Premium Edition, and she wasted no time in passionately throwing Gackt down on her mattress. The photo is pretty good quality for a dakimakura, too, but the reason the zipper on Gackt’s jacket looks so real is because it is. It’s functional, too, and sliding it down reveals the singer’s sculpted, absolutely hairless torso.

Wearing a jacket like Gackt is for the cover, without anything underneath, is a good way to get the lining all dirty, but being a J-pop superstar comes with the sort of income that makes dry cleaning costs a trivial concern. So just how much room is there for fans to play with Gackt’s zipper? More than enough to show off his belly button, which, we can now confirm, isn’t an outie As a matter of fact, you can keep unzipping until it basically breaks the sense of perspective.

Judging from how removing the singer’s jacket exposes so much skin below his navel, he has to be sagging his pants so low that they’ve completely slid off his butt cheeks. But hey, while that might cause artists and fashion designers to shake their heads, we’re guessing that for fangirls, the prospect of a bare-bottomed Gackt only adds to this pillow’s appeal.

Source: Jin, Twitter