Nyanko Charge is the cutest way to get some juice out of your kitty.

Japanese retail chain Village Vanguard never shies away from selling a product that raises eyebrows. In fact, it’s something they specialise in, with anime girl masks, sugar romper costumes for adults, and animal body warmers ranking as just some of their best-sellers over the years.

Now they’re raising eyebrows yet again, this time with something special for the cat lovers of the world, in the form of kitty-faced portable battery chargers.

The new range is called Nyanko Charge, with “nyanko” being an affectionate term for “cat” in Japanese. Each charger comes with a surprisingly realistic-looking kitty face that promises to turn heads while delivering 4400mAh of power for all your electrical goods on the go.

There are five cats to choose from, each adorned with a different facial expression, ranging from pissed off to appalled, and slightly surprised.

And this one, which is proving to be the most popular of the pack, showing an expression you’d expect to see from a cat who’s had a cable shoved into it.

The new kitty chargers are currently available to purchase online from Village Vanguard for 4,104 yen (US$38.72) each.

Compatible with a wide variety of devices, including android and iPhone products, these animal face mobile battery chargers are sure to keep you company wherever you go.

And if you want to stock up on other kitty electricals, why not add these cat paw gaming earphones and to your look? They’ll go purr-fectly with your feline sandals and kitty kimono bags!

Source, images: PR Times 
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