Japanese police struggling with growing number of “CAN invaders” used to steal luxury cars

Don’t let anyone invade your CAN!

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Nissan develops golf ball that automatically finds the hole every time

A fun demo of their newest driving assist technology, ProPilot 2.0.

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Daihatsune Miku? Virtual idol cruises real roads in her cool collab car design from Daihatsu

Compact car company Daihatsu joins forces with virtual singer Hatsune Miku to make a car design so cute it’ll stop traffic.

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Jaw-droppingly futuristic omnimeter transforms normal cars into space-age racers

Like automotive magpies, we fall in love with something shiny. Now just to find a(nother) car to put it in.

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Mr Sato and his friend Butch paid a visit to the biennial auto show ahead of its official opening day.

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Japanese racer takes million dollar Ferrari on camping trip, fries eggs on it

There’s just something about young men ostentatiously showing off their expensive wheels that gets to us. And then some of them have to go that extra mile and start doing things like frying eggs on their million dollar cars, just because they can.

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Japan-designed New York City “Taxi of Tomorrow” put on display in Tokyo despite recent setback

In May 2011, Japan’s Nissan Motor Company was awarded the rights to manufacture a line of new generation yellow taxis for New York City, with the aim of replacing the myriad varieties of cabs on the city’s streets with one uniform design by 2020. Dubbed the “Taxi of Tomorrow” by the contest organisers, Nissan’s car was to become a major part of New York City life, and naturally came as a boon to the Japanese company.   

Sadly, the project has stalled following a number of legal disputes and issues over accessibility, but Nissan is nevertheless exceptionally proud of its modern take on the classic yellow cab, and recently exhibited it for all to see in a temporary showroom in Tokyo’s trendy Ginza shopping district.

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Love that new car smell? This Japanese company is hoping to rid the world of it

For many of us the smell of a new car is as sweet as a rose named victory, but for an increasing number of people it smells like a toxic dump. Those people may be on to something too, as there is also an increasing interest in the possible risks of that once beloved aroma.

Sure you could smoke cigars while your soaking wet dog rolls around in the back seat to get rid of that smell, but that’s time-consuming and only masks the potentially hazardous chemicals causing the scent. That’s why Japanese chemical company, Tosoh, are well on their way to producing an environmentally-friendly way to rid your car of its new smell.

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Japanese Companies Expected to Still Be Around in 50 Years: No. 3 Japan Rail, No. 2 Honda, and No. 1…

Risk Monster, a credit management outsourcing service that calculates bankruptcy risk, recently announced the results of its first survey asking, “Which Japanese Companies Do You Expect to Still Exist in 50 Years.” The survey was conducted over the Internet on Feb. 25 and 26, and received 1,000 valid responses from influential individuals between the ages of 20 and 69.

Coming in third was Honda, second place went to the East Japan Railway Company, and grabbing the top spot was…
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