Every gamer knows that one of the best ways to get another gamer frustrated and seeking sweet, bloody in-game revenge is a well-placed “your mom” joke or other taunt or insult involving one’s relatives, girl/boyfriend, dog, cat or the size of certain parts of the target’s anatomy.

Which might mean that this Kobe video game arcade – which, remember, are still quite popular in Japan – may have struck marketing gold with this new ad campaign featuring insulting posters plastered all over the subway.

Judging by these frankly hilarious posters, we’re sure Play Land is a wonderful place to challenge another gamer to a Street Fighter 4  bout or Mario Kart race. Let’s take a look:

▼ “Oh, I know. You only have one Twitter follower… And it’s your mom.”

▼ “Your company – and the world – will both keep revolving without you.”

▼ “Oh, you’re running out of money? I’ve got two words for you, ‘Welfare Office.'”

▼ “Oh, that’s interesting. So, you still live with your mom?”

▼ “Sorry, didn’t notice you there! Your presence is pretty underwhelming. And so is your head.”

Oh, did we mention that the arcade is actually in the subway itself? So, when you check out the posters and get riled up, you’ve got an immediate outlet for your frustration. Marketing genius, we tell you!

Source: Hachima Kikou