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In Japan, it seems like almost every time I see a dog owner out for a stroll with their pet, it’s wearing some sort of clothing. It always strikes me as a little weird, since dogs are already covered with fur, and for most of the year, Japan doesn’t really get cold enough to warrant an extra layer to keep them warm.

Still, I guess the owners get a kick out of it. I do feel a little sorry for the dog sometimes, though, especially if he’s been stuffed into some cutesy, frilly costume. Wouldn’t he be happier in something more masculine, like a suit of doggy armor?

Twitter user Adachon apparently felt her Shiba Inu could use some protective gear. Not having any Kevlar or steel plates lying around, she had to improvise for the materials, and settled on a crab shell.

“I love how wearing the armor looks like it’s given him a tough expression brimming with confidence,” Adachon squealed, and Japanese Internet commenters shared her approval of the combat-ready look, calling it “manly,” “strong,” and “proud.”

Of course, you’ve got to figure a lot of that is tongue in cheek, since this is still a cute pooch wearing the remains of a seafood dinner, and you can only take that so seriously, as others proved online.

“I can feel a spiritual strength, and a spiritual cuteness, coming from him.”
“Totally dorky and adorable!”
“I don’t know if that’s a huge crab or a tiny dog, but either way, it’s cute.”
“Cute! Cute! I want to add him to my party and go on an adventure.”

We’re not sure whether we’d trust this dog to have our back against a fire-breathing dragon, but we’d definitely be down to play fetch with him.

Source: Hamster Sokuho
Image: Twitter