When you think of plastic models based on the giant weaponized robots of the Gundam universe, “cute” isn’t a word that often comes to mind. But it’s hard to not give a big, gushy “aww” at one homemade Gundam model gifted to Twitter user Chal by their daughter.

The story as outlined by Chal on their Twitter account and retweeted thousands of times begins with a mysterious paper package with something written on it in crude Japanese. Mini… Gasodam? Mini Garidamu? No. This was a “Mini Gundam” and Chal, an experienced model hobbyist, was up for the challenge.

From within the flower-decorated paper package slid even more pieces of paper. They landed on the floor in almost the exact shape of a fully constructed Gundam. This was going to be a challenge, thought Chal.

Luckily Chal’s daughter also created an illustrated instruction manual to assist her parent in this project. It contained detailed information about each part, such as “——— ——–“ explaining the volume of the heat-resistant fuselage.

When the model was complete, Chal could determine that this was a RAWR-023 Ursa mobile suit used to help liberate the Principality of Teddy Bear Picnics from Zeon forces during Operation Gummybear.

It was time to test the performance of this brand new Gundam. Even when stood next to one of Chal’s previously built models, the RAWR-023 looked sturdy, imposing and generally well designed.

Twitter users praised the engineering prowess of Chal’s daughter calling her a “genius” and saying “this made my day.” It’s just like Char Aznable said, “The old generation can’t build the new era.” This was to be the future of Gundam.

Source: Twitter(@Chal_FOmarl
Original article by Yayoi Saginomiya
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