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Teaming up with the South Korean ad agency Innored, popular outdoor brand The North Face set out to promote their slogan, “Never Stop Exploring,” by challenging unwitting customers to prove that they are worthy of the pricey goods that they were trying on.

Based on their expressions of confusion, shock and utter fear, none of these customers were planning on being especially adventurous that day, but as the floor opened up beneath them and a selection of The North Face goods was dangled before their eyes as they clung to the wall, they soon found their inner adventurer.

We’re sure the ad’s makers had a great time watching, but we bet these unfortunate shoppers weren’t quite so amused…

▼ One shopper holding on for his dear life!


So, what do you do when the floor you are standing on starts to retract and you have nowhere to run? Why, scramble up the wall conveniently covered in indoor rock climbing holds, of course! For those customers who rose to the challenge, a second trial presented itself.

▼The grand prize hanging just out of reach.


Down from the heavens dropped the best, most comfortable, most desirable The North Face jacket yet. But nothing in the outdoors comes easily, so leaving the coat just out of reach of the shoppers, a 30-second timer started counting down. Oh no! Only 30 seconds to figure out how to grab this awesome jacket. Pray tell, what do you do? The simplest solution: jump.

▼ How badly did she want that jacket? Badly enough to face her fears, it seems.


Thankfully the retracted floor revealed a big squishy mat so no shoppers were injured during the filming of this advertisement and all successful participants were seemingly overjoyed with their new, free, The North Face jackets. Really, I haven’t seen that much pure excitement or feeling of achievement in a long time. Way to go shoppers! I hope this event inspired you put those new jackets to good use in the real outdoors. (No, I’m not seething with envy, why do you ask?)

▼ She did it! That’s a happy customer, if I’ve ever seen one.


Source: Adweek
Video/Images: YouTube (The North Face Korea)