Picture the scene. It’s 5pm on a Friday evening and you really, REALLY need (and deserve) a cold beer to reward yourself after a hard week’s work. But what’s that? Oh no! The boss wants you to do overtime!? Argh!

If this scenario sounds like the ninth circle of hell to you, fret not! RocketNews24 is here to bring you a genius new “life hack” which will enable you to achieve a state of blissful inebriation right underneath the boss’s nose, without even having to leave your desk! (Disclaimer: RocketNews24 is not responsible for any loss of earnings or reputation that may result from practicing this “experiment”. This post is for entertainment purposes only. Ahem.) Okay, Mr Sato, let’s see how it’s done!

If anyone loves a tipple, it’s Mr Sato. Known for occasionally partaking in a cheeky One-Cup sake at lunchtime (down in one at the register!), it’s no surprise he’s now come up with a genius method for getting a little tipsy at work. As Mr Sato explains, all you need is a can or bottle of your favourite alcoholic beverage and a small portable humidifier, which can easily be purchased from a home goods store. Mr Sato recommends using a “cool mist” type of humidifier instead of a “boiling” type, to avoid turning one’s office into a blazing inferno.

As you can see, he’s opted for umeshu (Japanese plum wine) but you can use other types of alcohol, too. Just steer clear of anything carbonated, like beer, as this tends not to humidify very well. Mr Sato would also like us to advise you not to use anything too alcoholic, such as tequila, as this may cause rapid over-inebriation and blow the whole gaff.

▼ How cute is Mr Sato’s piggy humidifier?

The methodology is simple. Place your humidifier on your desk (your co-workers will simply think you are concerned about dry air.) Then, surreptitiously pour your illicit drink into the water tank of the humidifier. Let the device get to work and then breathe in those sweet, sweet alcohol fumes. Voila! Invisible inebriation!

▼ Stealthy… stealthy… Yes, stealth is the key here.

▼ Hee hee! They don’t suspect a thing!

▼ Chug those fumes!

▼ Thanks, piggy!

We think you’ll agree that Mr Sato’s idea is as innovative as it is absolutely bonkers. Again, please don’t actually try this at work, unless your office is as chilled as the RocketNews24 office, that is!

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