We try the new Cup Noodle Humidifier from Nissin

Cheap gimmick or awesome ramen accessory?

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Cup Noodle humidifiers: Combining hot ramen and homewares for a very special release

Instant humidification, in a choice of two varieties!

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The King of the Monsters, Godzilla takes on possibly its most deadly enemy: slightly dry air!

Nothing makes for a cosier interior than a lizard spitting out radioactive heat rays over you and your house guests.

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Cute kitty completely “mistified” by vapor released from humidifier【Video】

That kitty face is enough to melt anyone’s heart.

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No electricity required for this elegant natural humidifier from Japan

It’s simple, eco-friendly and takes its cues from nature when keeping your house from getting too dry.

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Mr Sato invents ingenious “life hack” for sneaking alcohol at work

Picture the scene. It’s 5pm on a Friday evening and you really, REALLY need (and deserve) a cold beer to reward yourself after a hard week’s work. But what’s that? Oh no! The boss wants you to do overtime!? Argh!

If this scenario sounds like the ninth circle of hell to you, fret not! RocketNews24 is here to bring you a genius new “life hack” which will enable you to achieve a state of blissful inebriation right underneath the boss’s nose, without even having to leave your desk! (Disclaimer: RocketNews24 is not responsible for any loss of earnings or reputation that may result from practicing this “experiment”. This post is for entertainment purposes only. Ahem.) Okay, Mr Sato, let’s see how it’s done!

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