Suntory to release new Yamazaki smoke-barrel aged plum liqueur in limited quantities

The perfect drink for fans of both peaty whisky and ume-shu!

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Japanese VTuber Usada Pekora’s new plum wine has a label drawn by Madoka’s character designer

Otaku across the generations can appreciate this plum wine, sourced from hundred-year-old plum trees!

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KitKat Bar opens in Tokyo, serves new Japanese Umeshu Plum Sake KitKats with cocktail pairings

First-ever KitKat-cocktail pairings are part of a range of special offerings to celebrate the new alcoholic chocolates ahead of their nationwide release. 

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New Ume Sake Japanese Kit Kat features the flavour of traditional plum wine…with a twist

Move over Sake Kit Kats, there’s a new Plum Sake in town.

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Kyoto tea store collaborates with local winemaker to create deliciously green matcha white wine

The green white wine is part of a range of matcha-based alcoholic beverages which include chocolate liqueur, Japanese sake and umeshu plum wine.

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Attack on sobriety: Round 2! This time, plum wine/juice with limited edition character labels

Hot off the heels of our previous announcement surrounding the upcoming release of Attack on Titan-themed plum wine (umeshu), we’ve got another lead on two limited edition sets of the hit manga/anime-inspired beverages. This time around, the sets will each contain three bottles of either plum wine or plum juice, all decorated with beautiful illustrations of the anime’s character designs.

But that’s not even the coolest part–the drinks were crafted using plums grown by the Attack on Titan author’s very own family!

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Attack on sobriety! Attack on Titan teams up with plum wine maker for new anime alcohol

Along with its naked giants and high-flying fight scenes, anime and manga mega hit Attack on Titan is defined by its oppressively bleak atmosphere. Its world is one in which not only do rampaging monsters want to eat you, the ruling aristocracy is ready to kick you out of the walled city if you’re too big a drain on its resources.

Compelling as its story may be, after spending enough time in that setting, even fans of the series could find themselves needing a stiff drink. If so, they might want to reach for a glass of the soon-to-be-released Attack on Titan plum wine.

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Mr Sato invents ingenious “life hack” for sneaking alcohol at work

Picture the scene. It’s 5pm on a Friday evening and you really, REALLY need (and deserve) a cold beer to reward yourself after a hard week’s work. But what’s that? Oh no! The boss wants you to do overtime!? Argh!

If this scenario sounds like the ninth circle of hell to you, fret not! RocketNews24 is here to bring you a genius new “life hack” which will enable you to achieve a state of blissful inebriation right underneath the boss’s nose, without even having to leave your desk! (Disclaimer: RocketNews24 is not responsible for any loss of earnings or reputation that may result from practicing this “experiment”. This post is for entertainment purposes only. Ahem.) Okay, Mr Sato, let’s see how it’s done!

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1,500 yen will get you all the plum wine you can drink, may or may not make you cuter

Japan is a great place to be a drinker, and not just because of the excellent public transportation and lack of social stigma about enjoying a beer in the park. The selection is also fantastic, as the country produces dozens of brands of tasty beer, sake, and shochu.

If you’re still looking for more variety, Japan also makes a plum wine called umeshu, which has a uniquely rich sweetness. Umeshu isn’t as quite as prevalent as other kinds of alcohol, though, so if you’re in need of a primer, we found a restaurant in Tokyo that’ll let you sample as many varieties of the drink as you like during a two-hour stay for just 1,500 yen (US$14.70).

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Japan’s Favorite Alcohol: Beer Outranks Japanese Rice Wine and Shochu

When asked to pick your poison what do you choose? In a recent survey, people in Japan were asked to select their favorite alcoholic beverage. The results, as we’ll see after the break, were quite surprising.

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