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Ramen is an amazing food, and nothing beats traveling around Japan and eating all the different kinds. Some are certainly better than other (tonkotsu FTW!) but they all are fighting for the top spot of “best bowl of ramen ever eaten“. Some bowls of ramen you can’t wait to go back and eat again, others are categorized as “one time is enough“. But there are some bowls of ramen that you shouldn’t even taste…let alone look at. Beware; these next pictures are not for the faint of heart.

Welcome to the other side. We hope this picture doesn’t clog your arteries just by merely looking at it.

[tweet https://twitter.com/seiyuu_tenhou/status/531677475634298880 align=’center’]

What you see in the above picture is indeed ramen, with huge chunks of pork, a meager amount of vegetables, and an even bigger slab of pig fat slopped on top.

The restaurant that this ramen comes from is actually a well-known restaurant in Japan, Ramen Jiro. Located in Tokyo, this place is known for its gigantic portions and ridiculous amounts of meat and vegetables in each bowl.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Poooh_1010/status/479576777052803072 align=’center’]

If you’re wondering how on earth you are supposed to react to this, here’s what Japanese people are thinking:

“That’s disgusting.”
“Just by looking at it, I feel nauseous.”
“This is not something you should put in your mouth…more like something that should come out of your…”
“Doesn’t it really resemble pig food? And it’s going to totally destroy your body.”

Who has the guts to eat this disgusting beast of a ramen bowl? At the very least those two Twitter users. Anyone else fancy trying this themselves?

Source: Hamsoku
Top Image: Tabelog (桜庭ピエロ)