If you’re looking at the picture above and wondering if your eyes are playing tricks on you, yes, they probably are.

15-year-old Brazilian artist João Carvalho creates these simple yet amazing 3-D illustrations of famous characters, among other things, that seem to have emerged from the back of the page of a ruled notebook. See his brilliant creations after the break!

We’ve all used ruled notebooks or paper in school at some point, and know well enough that there’s no way Pikachu is going to come through the pages. Not unless you’ve been studying at Hogwarts, in which case we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

João Carvalho, who often signs off as J Desenhos in his works, doesn’t use magic (as far as we know), and doesn’t use ruled paper in his artistic creations either. He first drafts a design on a piece of white paper, then proceeds to pencil in neat blue lines that are “distorted” in strategic places, and then shades in the shadows to complete the 3-D look.

Apart from conjuring 3-D characters, João also experiments with different forms and ways of playing with the “ruled paper” effect.

If you are interested in trying your hand at this unusual art style, João has more detailed tutorial photos on his Facebook page, where he uploads his other masterpieces and sometimes shares works of fellow artists as well. Hop on over and follow him if you enjoyed his eye-opening illustrations!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Reference: tudointeressante
Top image: Nas linhas do caderno on Facebook