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While browsing around Twitter the other day, one of our Japanese reporters came across some adorable 3-D matcha latte art on the Matcha Fan Club (抹茶同好会) official account.

According to the tweet, the photos came from a sweet shop at the Karasuma Oike Station in Nakagyō-ku, Kyoto called Saryo Suisen. Our reporter just had to see more, so she headed over to their official Twitter page and was treated to some beautiful latte art designs created by the shop barista, Sudo-san.

Of course, we just had to share them with you!

Chubby little polars bears, kitties, and other cuddly animals made of creamy white foam float in a sea of green matcha latte. You’d be surprised how many different designs Sudo-san creates…and of course, they’re all totally cute!

▼ This poofy kitty looks so happy to be relaxing in her cup surrounded by the frothy bubbles, it almost makes us wish we had a green tea bath of our own. Green Tea Latte Art1

▼ There’s a whole family of rabbits here…it makes us sad to have to drink them all up.Green Tea Latte Art

Green Tea Latte Art13

Green Tea Latte Art5

Green Tea Latte Art16

▼ This bunny has a little friend in his green tea bath.Green Tea Latte Art2

▼ Solo kitty chills out with a sweet design.Green Tea Latte Art3

Green Tea Latte Art4

▼ We’re assuming that’s the bear’s tail poking out…Green Tea Latte Art6

▼ Even Funasshi is getting in on the green tea action.Green Tea Latte Art8

▼ Looks like the matcha is a little too hot for this one.Green Tea Latte Art9

Green Tea Latte Art15

The best thing about the 3-D matcha latte art is that it’s absolutely free to visitors of the Karasuma Oike Station branch of Saryo Suisen (of course, you have to pay for the matcha latte, but the art is free!). You can even request the type or style of design you’d like when the shop isn’t busy! And the best news is that Saryo Suisen has plenty of delicious Japanese style sweets to keep you coming back for more. Why not stop by for a cup of 3-D green tea and warabi mochi?

Shop information

Saryo Suisen
茶寮 翠泉 烏丸御池店
Address: 461 Kinpukicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan
Phone: +81 75-221-7010
Hours: 10:30 am – 6:00 pm (closed Wednesdays)

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