What’s more, you can be the judge and help decide who wins!

Everyone appreciates a beautiful latte art or two, and depending on barista skill, some of the extremely detailed ones can be nothing short of mesmerizing.

And if watching baristas come up with gorgeous creations is your kind of thing, then you would not want to miss an upcoming latte art competition on 23 May. Not only will they astound with their clever designs, they will also do so using green tea latte as canvas.

▼ Quality matcha and artistry at its finest.

The matcha latte art contest is the first of its kind, attracting about 40 baristas from all over Japan and even Taiwan. A prior selection process whittles down the competition to 12, who will battle it out using every ounce of wit and skill in the actual event.

Other than a milk pitcher and a cup, no other accessories of any sort are allowed, which means that baristas will have to rely on rock-steady hands and lots of precision in what is known as free pouring. Latte art will be scored based on visual appeal, precision, contrast, creativity and difficulty.

The preliminaries will see 12 baristas reduced to eight, where things really start heating up in the finals due to a twist. That’s because attendees hoping to catch a glimpse of the action can pay an extra 1,000 yen (US$9.12) on top of the 2,500 yen admission fee to help judge the various latte art during the finals and thus decide the winner.

▼ That’s not all, as all attendees are entitled to a
free cup of milky green tea brewed using award-winning matcha.

▼ Special limited-edition green tea dorayaki with
azuki beans and matcha paste will also be on offer.

Due to the nature of free pouring, attendees are unlikely to see beautiful 3-D matcha latte art at the event, but rest assured that creations made by these top baristas will easily rival any in the industry. Whether you are a matcha connoisseur, aspiring barista or someone who simply loves green tea, the Japan Matcha Latte Art Competition 2019 is definitely an event worth checking out.

Event information
Japan Matcha Latte Art Competition 2019
Address: Tokyo-to, Koto-ku, Miyoshi, 2-6-10
Date and time: 23 May, 6-9 p.m.
Website for ticket purchases

Source: PR Times, Twitter/@matcha_latteart
Top image: PR Times
Insert image: Pakutaso

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