Coca-Cola may not be the craziest company when it comes to special, limited edition drinks (although their Coke Orange was a pretty good), but what they lack in variety, they make up for when it comes to branded goods. Some neat finds over the years have included Coke can shaped glasses from McDonald’s, an ultra-rare gold Coke can, environmentally friendly vending machines, and the hugely successful Share a Coke campaign.

On December 1 Coca-Cola Japan launched a new product set, available only at Aeon in celebration of the store’s 40th anniversary of being a nationwide shopping center powerhouse. The limited quantity set is (probably) a must-have this holiday season.

▼ Bottle cap-shaped LED coasters? It’s what I’ve always wanted!


The special Coke set includes a color-changing LED, bottle cap shaped “coaster” and one of three specially designed holiday glass bottles. The set can be purchased for 500 yen (~US$4), but there is only a limited supply so you better get to your neighborhood Aeon fast! They might even be gone already! Hurry!

▼ In case you aren’t aware, a typical Aeon store looks something like this.


If they sell out before you get there, thank the cola gods because you can still win some special Coke products. As part of Aeon’s curiously titled “Surprise! Happy Winter” campaign, the more money you spend at the register on Coke products, the more of a chance you have of winning some Coke prizes, including a Coke gift bag set, a Coke original LED illumination polar bear three-bottle pedestal (Why? We have no idea), and, um, a vacuum cleaner for your futon. Only 400 people win prizes though, so you better not get your hopes up for that vacuum.

▼ A) Coke pedestal, B) Futon vacuum, C) Special gift bag set


I know you’re all dreaming of a chilly winter day spent curled up under the kotatsu with your loved one, gazing at your glass-bottle Cokes as they sit nobly on their LED color-changing coasters (I know I am), so celebrate Aeon’s birthday by treating yourself to this limited edition product.


Source: Entabe
Images: Aeon Square, Coca-Cola Japan, Wikimedia Commons