World’s first Strawberry Coca-Cola is set to make its global debut in Japan.

Coca-Cola drinkers have been spoilt in Japan recently, by being the first in the world to try the new peach-flavoured coke and the innovative Coca-Cola Frozen Lemon.

Now it’s time for local lovers of the carbonated beverage to get excited yet again, because there’s another world-first beverage coming our way, and it’s called Coca-Cola Strawberry.

The addition of strawberry to the brand’s star beverage is part of Coca-Cola’s new foray into limited-edition seasonal flavours. With strawberries being enjoyed in Japan during winter, where they’re an essential part of Japanese Christmas cakes, the new Coca-Cola Strawberry is scheduled to be released later this month, to satiate everyone’s desire for all things strawberry during the cold season.

▼ The combination of strawberry and coke is said to be a winning flavour combination that even those who don’t normally drink Coca-Cola will fall in love with.

The pink-and-red label places the focus on fizzy strawberries, while advertising for the new beverage comes with the slogan “Enjoy a strawberry reward”. This message aims to encourage customers to purchase the drink as a rewarding treat for themselves, which couldn’t come at a better time now that people are back at the grind, overworking themselves after the holiday season.

The world’s first Strawberry Coca-Cola is set to go on sale for a limited time at stores around Japan from 20 January at a recommended retail price of 140 yen (US$1.29).

Here’s hoping the new drink will be better received than the divisive Coca-Cola Lemon from 2005 and the Clear Lime that was introduced last year!

Source, images: PR Times
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