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While every Studio Ghibli anime film has memorable music, the one piece that just about anyone in Japan can sing along to is “Sanpo” from My Neighbor Totoro. Meaning “A Stroll,” it opens with the lyrics, “Let’s walk! Let’s walk! I’m full of energy. Let’s keep going!”

Not exactly the most profound message, admittedly, but there’s no denying the infectious tune will get you in the mood to strap on your kicks and head out the door. And if you’re going on a walk to look for your very own local forest spirit, we can’t imagine a more appropriate set of footwear than a pair of shoes decked out with Ghibli characters.

Pop culture T-shirt emporium TeeFury is expanding from the torso to the toes with its new line of ShoeFury shoes. In contrast to the hard-edged name, though, one of their very first offerings is its Ghiblets model, featuring a print of the collected casts of the whimsical works of Japan’s most exalted animation house.

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Although the designs are a bit glossier than how the characters appear onscreen, there’s no mistaking Totoro, Ponyo, Lady San, and even the taciturn baker from Kiki’s Delivery Service.

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The low-cut Ghiblets will set you back US$69.99, while the high-tops are just a bit pricier at $79.99. Both can be ordered directly from ShoeFury here.

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You may have noticed the zippers sticking out of the side of the shoes. This isn’t just a functionless accessory (after all, these are Ghibli shoes, not Final Fantasy ones), as the Ghiblets’ soles are actually separate, detachable pieces, as shown in this video from ShoeFury.

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Being able to remove the shoes tops provides two big benefits. As mentioned in the video, ShoeFury is looking to expand their catalogue in the future (there’s a pretty slick Totoro shoe the presenter shows off, for example). While right now the company is only selling shoes in complete sets, in the future the company plans to let customers purchase just the tops, which they can then swap in without shelling out for new soles they don’t need.

Also, the digitally printed tops are washable. The video even says you can toss them in the washing machine, an option you’re sure to be thankful for after coming home with your special shows smeared with mud from tramping through the underbrush, or just covered in the general grime and grease of a three-day anime convention.

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