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For the most part, cookies in Japan are crunchy little things. One very notable exception, though, is confectioner Fujiya’s Country Ma’am line, which are soft, chewy, and also absolutely delicious.

What makes Country Ma’am cookies so good is how moist they are, and now confectioner Fujiya is taking that one step further by turning them into a drink! We got our hands on a few cans of this miraculous beverage, and while it’s still early in our relationship, we think we may be in love.

Despite having an infatuation with all manner of sweets and desserts, Japan really doesn’t have a custom of dipping cookies into milk. That’s OK, though, because thanks to a partnership between Fujiya and convenience store chain Lawson, you can get them pre-mixed.

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Available exclusively at Lawson locations, Drinkable Country Ma’am’s flavor is labeled as vanilla. That’s not the only taste waiting inside, though. Mixed in are also the same chocolate and white anko (sweet bean paste) that get used in certain varieties of regular, edible Country Ma’am.

▼ As we’ve mentioned before, anko makes everything better.

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As soon as we unscrewed the cap, we were met with the enticing and unmistakable aroma of Country Ma’am cookies. Wondering just what liquid cookies look like, we emptied the container into a glass. Since the ingredients are mixed with powdered milk, the resulting beverage looks a lot like a glass of milk after you’ve dipped a half-bag of cookies in it.

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We took a sip, and it was Country Ma’am. We don’t mean it was like the cookies, but that from the moment it hit our taste buds until the aftertaste faded away, it was exactly like enjoying a sweet, delicious Country Ma’am cookie, except that since it was in liquid state we couldn’t chew it.

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If you like cookies, you owe it to yourself to pick up a can when they officially go on sale on December 9. And if you don’t like cookies, you should probably get back to work in the pitch-back coal mine overseen by slave-driving demons that have stolen your soul, and with it your ability to feel joy. Either way, Drinkable Country Ma’am is so good we wouldn’t be surprised to see long lines at Lawson once they become available to the general public. You might want to take a snack just in case you get hungry while waiting.

We’d suggest a bag of Country Ma’am cookies.

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