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No, not Oreo cheesecakes, but cheesecake Oreos!

It’s pretty easy to find cheesecake recipes that make use of Oreo cookies, either as a topping, filling, or crust. Yamazaki Nabisco, though, has something different coming out in Japan next week, though: cheesecake Oreos.

Unlike the standard crispy version of the sandwich cookie, these Oreos are soft. More importantly, instead of the brand’s orthodox filling, they’re stuffed with a special cream made with cream cheese and Sicilian lemon juice.

Oreo Soft Cookie Rare Cheesecake (as the cookies are officially called) is priced at 230 yen (US$2.10) a pack, and represents Nabisco Japan’s third cream cheese product launch within roughly a month, as the company rolls out a slew of new flavors in the waning moments of its license with Nabisco. The special Oreos go on sale June 13, and should make a fitting companion to the Okinawan shikuwasa Kit Kats that just hit the market in Japan.

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Source: Entabe
Top image: Yamazaki Nabisco (edited by RocketNews24)