Aunt Stella is one of our favorite family members since the cookie brand gives us all the sweets we want.

Japan loves dessert cafes. Cozy casual restaurants where you can sit and sip a cup of tea or coffee while nibbling on a delicate sweet treat can be found all over the country and are a great way to spend an afternoon.

Some of these are offshoots of existing sweets brands, such as the Aunt Stella brand of cookies, which has cafes attached to a number of its specialty shops. But you know what’s even better than relaxing with a cookie? Relaxing with many, many cookies, and so certain Aunt Stella cafes offer all-you-can-eat cookies.

Unlike some other restaurants’ all-you-can-eat plans, Aunt Stella’s is so reasonable priced that you actually don’t have to scarf down that many cookies in order to get your money’s worth. 60 minutes in the real-life wonderland of unlimited cookies costs just 980 yen (US$6.60), which also includes your choice of drink (coffee, tea, milk, or orange juice).

▼ Milk is a good pairing choice for the crisp, buttery cookies Aunt Stella specializes in.

The all-you-can-eat plan is buffet-style (or “viking,” as it’s called in Japan), and you’re given a basket to fill with cookies so you don’t have to keep getting up every time you want to try a new flavor. In addition to standards like chocolate chip, Aunt Stella also bakes up Japanese favorites like green tea and seasonal varieties such as sakura cherry blossom and watermelon.

Though Aunt Stella has had all-you-can-eat cookies for some time, it’s not something everyone is aware of, since they’re not available at all branches, and a few that did offer the service (like the one in Tokyo where we spent a glorious afternoon) have closed down. However, there are still nine Aunt Stella cafes where you can still do the “cookie viking” plan, and a recent resurgence of awareness of them on Japanese social media has sweets fans looking to slot a visit into their dessert schedules.

The Aunt Stella branches currently offering all-you-can-eat cookies are:
● Sapporo Apia (Hokkaido Prefecture)
● Akita Topiko
● Niigata CoCoLo
● Nagaoka CoCoLo (Niigata Prefecture)
● Kashiwa Sky Plaza (Chiba Prefecture)
● Otawara Tobu (Tochigi Prefecture)
● Nagoya Parco (Aichi Prefecture)
● Abeno Gochiso Building (Osaka Prefecture)
● Tokiwa Wasada Town (Oita Prefecture)

Of those, the Nagaoka and Kashiwa branches only offer the service on weekdays, and the Otawara and Tokiwa Wasada Town branches only on weekends and holidays. At all the rest, though, you can have all-you-can-eat cookies on any day you want.

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Source: Aunt Stella via IT Media
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