There’s nothing boring about rooibos when it’s served like this.

As the days begin to get colder in Japan, customers at Starbucks are now looking for warming beverages, and this autumn, the chain is mixing things up with a brand new offering featuring rooibos tea.

The new release was a siren call for our Starbucks-obsessed reporter K. Masami, who headed out to her nearest branch as soon as the limited-edition beverage went on sale on 6 October. And when she got there, she discovered there was another new “Autumn Tea” on the menu — a Hojicha & Classic Tea Latte.

Masami wasted no time in ordering the hot versions of both new drinks, and as soon as she laid eyes on the Caramel Apple Rooibos Tea, it was love at first sight.

The beautifully rippled surface and peachy pink hues of the drink warmed the cockles of her soul, and when she lifted it to her mouth, she was rewarded with the sweet scent of cinnamon.

The mellow rooibos tea was a beautiful partner for the fruity taste of apple, which made itself known in the form of plump, juicy pulp pieces. A good hit of cinnamon helped to add a spicy contrast, while the sweet caramel sauce brought everything together, creating an irresistible blend of warming, soothing flavours.

▼ It was tart yet aromatic, spicy yet sweet, and totally delicious.

Thoroughly satisfied with the surprising flavour of the caffeine-free rooibos tea, Masami moved on to try the Hojicha & Classic Tea Latte.

There were no real surprises here, but that’s exactly what you want with a “classic” offering. The deep, toasty flavours of hojicha roasted green tea helped to complement the black tea component, while the frothed milk was embellished with mocha syrup to create a creamy, warming beverage that’s just perfect for chilly autumn days.

Because hojicha is low in caffeine, and rooibos is caffeine-free, both these beverages can be enjoyed at any time of day, even during the long autumn evenings. If you do want caffeine, though, and lots of it, Starbucks also has you covered in that department, with the eye-opening Triple Espresso Latte.

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