Disney Princesses are continuing to sway their influence on the fashion world in Japan. From umbrellas to lingerie and perfume bottles, fans can’t get enough of the elegant offerings from their favourite royal stars.

Now lovers of Disney can channel the object of their affections with a pair of spectacles from well-known Japanese eye-wear chain Zoff. There are six designs to choose from: Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Rapunzel and even Elsa the Snow Queen, each featuring frames, cases and cleaning cloths with gorgeous details.

The premium line of Disney Princess spectacles was released on Saturday 6 December, thanks to a license agreement with Walt Disney Japan. The attention to detail on these will have fans swooning.

▼ The Ariel pair, from The Little Mermaid, features tiny starfish and shells on the frames, the princess’ striking silhouette on a blue cloth and her best pal Flounder in the case.


▼ Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, takes on a yellow-gold theme, with a rose motif on the frames and the loveable Lumiere lighting up the interior of the case.  


▼ The Rapunzel frames pay homage to her long, flowery plaited tresses while her loyal friend Pascal takes up residence in the case.


▼ The Cinderella set features hearts and her magical carriage.


▼ And because the Snow Queen is so hot right now, Elsa is also included in the range. With snowflakes on the frames and Olaf inside the case, these are expected to be a best seller.


The most surprising thing about the range is the fact that each pack, including standard lenses, will set you back only 9,000 yen (US$75.31). With six designs to choose from, there’s one for nearly every day of the week! Which princess pair will you purchase?


Source and images: Zoff