If you’re all alone on the biggest date night of the year, Burger King wants to throw a party for one in your stomach.

In Japan, ideally Christmas Eve is supposed to be celebrated one of two ways:
1. Dinner at a fancy restaurant with your boyfriend/girlfriend (French or Italian cuisine are traditionally the most popular options)
2. A lively party with friends, where you eat fried chicken

But what if you don’t have a sweetheart, or any friends to hang out with? What if you’re spending Christmas Eve hitori bocchi, or “all alone?”

Hey, don’t feel bad, because Burger King Japan is ready to hook you up with a Bocchi Barrel, so you can fill your stomach with fast comfort food, and your heart with self-affirmation.

The 1,100-yen (US$10.15) bucket of Burger King goodness contains:
A Snow Cheese Whopper, with a special blend of four different kinds of white cheese
Five chicken nuggets (can’t have Japanese Christmas without fried chicken!)
● A medium-size order of French fries
● A medium-size soft drink
● A crown, to remind you that you’re the monarch of your own life, and free to spend it however you want

▼ The Bocchi Barrel is on sale between now and December 25

“Aren’t there good things about being alone at Christmas?” asks the Bocchi Barrel’s intro video, before listing a selection of them:
Instead of getting sucked into a world that’s just for two, you can have a world all for yourself.
Instead of waiting for a Santa that’s not coming, you can give yourself a present.
● Instead of going out to see crowded Christmas light displays in the freezing cold, you can relax in the warmth of our restaurants or at home while you wait for your Bochi Barrel to be delivered.

What’s more, burger fans who’re bocchi and proud of it can stop by Burger King’s Shibuya Center Gai branch in Tokyo (which was briefly overrun by zombies earlier this year) on December 21 and get their picture taken at the in-restaurant Bocchi Barrel Photo event. You’ll get a digital copy of yourself holding your Bocchi Barrel, and if you upload it to social media, you’ll receive a coupon for a free Snow Cheese Whopper Jr.

“We create the Bocchi barrel for customers who want to celebrate Christmas their own way,” says Burger King, which is definitely in keeping with the chain’s “Your Way” slogan.

Source: PR Times via Otakomu
Top image: YouTube/バーガーキング・ジャパン公式
Insert image: PR Times

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