Christmas Eve in Japan is very much a date night, perhaps the biggest of the year. Couples go to see festive Christmas lights, have a nice dinner and exchange gifts; the night really matters. But about those gifts…

How much money are you planning on spending on your significant other this holiday season? How much are you expecting them to spend on you? If you’re single, how much do you think your potential darling would want to dish out for a Christmas present? A recent poll gives us a great insight into how much we should probably be spending.

According to a study done by MatchAlarm, makers of a matchmaking app of the same name, of the 536 unmarried women surveyed, 48.9 percent do not expect their significant others (or potential ones) to spend more than 10,000 yen (US$100). That’s good news, right guys? Some of these gals cite “the feeling” behind the gift as more important that actual item. The bad news for those of you on a budget is that 42.6 percent expect their loved one to cause some serious damage to their wallets with gifts between 10-30,000 yen (US$100-300). They more or less think, “If they have the money, they’d better spend it.”

Thankfully for Japanese men, there are fewer girls expecting gifts over 30,000 yen.


Here’s the complete breakdown of the results of how much Japanese girls expect their partners to spend on them:

5,000 yen ($50) or less: 11.8%
5,000- 10,000 yen: 37.1%
10-30,000 yen: 42.6%
30-50,000 yen: 6.7%
Over 50,000 yen: 1.9%

Personally, I can’t even fathom my significant other spending more than 10,000 yen, let alone me spending that on them… Which raises another question: Do these girls plan on spending the same amount on the boys?

Are you a “feeling” kind of person, or do you like the expensive stuff? Let us know what you’ll be spending, if anything, on the object of your affections this Christmas.

Top Image: Pixabay (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert: MatchAlarm
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